Professional Drywall Contractors in Kelowna BC

If you’re in need of a drywall installation and drywall repair service with a proven track record, then you need to consider our company. Drywall is a staple of Canadian homes and businesses, and the properties across the Kelowna, BC area have benefited from this dependable component for decades.

Whether you’re on the verge of a new build project or you’re in the midst of an extension at your property, we can find a way to deliver first class wallboard expertise.  Drywall sheets are the bread and butter of property construction these days, but you’ll still need to employ experienced hands to ensure that you have desirable results.

About Us
At Kelowna Drywall Installation Pros, drywall is our passion. Our expertise with gypsum boards goes back years, having operated in the Kelowna, BC region since our inception. Our drywall installation pros are the best in the business, and they have decades of experience between them. The level of service quality that we offer is unmatched by any of our competitors in the area, and you’ll be surprised at the affordability of the drywall prices that we carry. Whether you’re looking for help with how to install drywall, or you’re on the search for an expert in how to repair a hole in your drywall – we’re the company for you

Our Services

We’ve created our service provisions with flexibility in mind, hoping to ensure that our customers can come to us with any needs related to drywall, plaster, and insulation – and we believe we’ve accomplished this in emphatic fashion. We’ve forged a reputation amongst the Kelowna community as a reliable and dependable operator that will always prioritize the needs of the customer above all else. We deliver 100% guaranteed satisfaction, and we’re certain that you’ll be thrilled with the results we conjure. If you’re not sure whether we’re able to assist you with your property, just reach out to our customer service team for further clarity.

Home renovation of new construction of Drywall Plasterboard Interior Room

Drywall Installation

The expertise of our drywall contractors will be showcased in spectacular fashion during this process, as you’ll see the incredible efficiency and precision that is on offer through our company. We can fit a range of different drywall boards, as part of a new build, an extension, or during basement remodelling. Drywall is a cheap but hardly material, and we can install it just as easily in residential or commercial properties.

Residential Drywall

Our residential drywall team is ready and waiting to help with any domestic drywall projects you’re currently grappling with. Tackling both extensions, renovations, and new builds, this team manages to get you your desired results in record time, and at a really reasonable price point. You’re also sure to get a service quality that totally outperforms any DIY solutions that might be considered.

Commercial Drywall

There are a range of benefits on offer to commercial entities that decide to invest in drywall for their business sites. Drywall gives a great uniform appearance across large spaces, and the installation is a quick process – particularly when undertaken by one of our experienced crews. This means you’ll be able to get back to working rather than worrying about construction projects.

Drywall Repair

When your drywall suffers from water damage or a big impact, there’s a good chance that we’ll be able to carry out repair methods to get it back looking as good as new – and where it isn’t possible, we’ll make a swift replacement to the damaged board. You can stop worrying about how to handle drywall hole repair yourself when you decide to invest in our expertise. Efficient and affordable repair services await you – and they’re only a phone call away!

Ceiling Texture

Sick of hearing somebody stomping around above you? Or do you no longer wish to stare at plaster imperfections enshrined on your ceiling? Then perhaps a textured ceiling is the right choice for you and your property. We can handle ceiling textures of all types, and you’ll have a more attractive ceiling and relaxing room as a result.

Batt and Spray Insulation

Insulation is an absolute must have for the homes and businesses in the Kelowna, BC region. Properties with comprehensive insulation experience much lower energy loss, which means a more comfortable property, lower utility bills, and greater environmental sustainability. We can handle this provision as part of our drywall installation service, or we can do it on an individual basis as per your requirements.

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Are you longing for an expert to help with sheetrock repair, do you need help with basement finishing, or are you in need of any other services related to drywall, plaster, or insulation? Then consider the services of Kelowna Drywall Installation Pros. No other company can match our level of service excellence combined with our rock-bottom pricing. Reach out to our customer service agents now on our main telephone number, or via our contact form – with both available on our website. They’ll be able to give you more details on our service packages, the prices you can expect to pay, and the availability of our experienced teams. Don’t hesitate any longer, get in touch with us now and we’re sure you won’t regret it!