Drywall Ceiling Kelowna



Kelowna Drywall Install Pros is the only company that can provide a high-quality drywall ceiling. Our team of professionals takes pride in the work they do and works hard to keep our reputation. Our years of experience allow us to offer a wide range of drywall ceilings that are custom and unique for your home, office, or retail space. Our clients include homeowners, contractors, custom builders, and architects. We are proud to serve many clients in the Okanagan, and provide the best drywall ceiling services.

Drywall Ceiling Repair Services

We cater to all drywall needs. Kelowna Drywall Install Pros offers a wide range of drywall repair services. Ceiling damage should be addressed as soon as possible. Ceiling damage to adjacent walls can cause structural weakness and may need to be repaired immediately. The following causes of drywall damage may help you determine if your drywall is in need of repair.

  • You should inspect your ceiling for water damage.
  • Your ceiling might be damaged if termites are present in your home.
  • Also, drywalls can be damaged by poorly constructed homes.
  • Drywall problems can also be caused by poor maintenance.

Don’t panic if you see any of these signs that your drywall is damaged. Our professionals are skilled in:

  • Repairing the ceiling frames
  • Soundproofing ceiling systems
  • Repair cracks in the ceiling
  • Ceiling removal or extension
  • Add stylish ceiling textures
  • Installing  new drywall

No one else can provide professional drywall ceiling installations like Kelowna Drywall Installation Pros. Kelowna Drywall Installation Pros has the latest designs and some of the most unique to bring your ceilings to life. They have a team that is skilled. We specialize in many types of ceiling installation, including classic popcorn ceilings, waffle ceilings, and stylish drop ceilings.


  1. What type of drywall can be used to make the ceiling?

    There are many drywall materials available that can be used depending on your needs. It is crucial to choose the right ceiling thickness. Homeowners often choose 5/8 inch drywall that is fire-resistant. You can also call us to get the best drywall material recommendation.
    You can choose from many other drywalls depending on your needs, including mold-resistant and moisture resistant.

  2. What is the difference in ceiling drywall from regular drywall?

    Ceiling drywall can be used for side walls. Regular drywall is used for the top shed. When you have a ceiling above you, it is important to choose sturdy ceiling drywall. Ceiling drywalls are thicker and more durable than regular drywalls.

  3. What is the material used to make drywall?

    Gypsum is the main component of most drywall. It is also used in paper and other additives like clay, mica and resin.