Drywall Installation

Reliable Drywall Installations in Kelowna

Only the best can install drywall. Kelowna Drywall Service offers flawless, precise, and experienced installation services. We offer a unique, clean look for your home with our highly skilled staff. We have been providing beautiful finishes to homes in the Kelowna Area since 2002. We promise to deliver excellence and experience, making the place look new.

Methods: The practices we use are industry-leading and have been proven to be the best in hanging drywall. Although it’s not rocket science, it is a difficult job.

We take our time and do the right thing to help customers avoid cracks in their wall drywall. Bad installation can lead to drywall being damaged or destroyed long before it is needed.



Drywall finishes can be rated from rough to smooth at 0-5. Chicago Drywall Contractors can create any finish you want, depending on the location where the drywall will go.

Level 0 simply means that the drywall is not yet hung. Joint compound has not been applied. Level 5 is at the opposite end of the spectrum. This finish is the best and smoothest. These walls are ready for semi-gloss or gloss paint. This will show any imperfections in the walls’ surface.


You’ll also find common levels in certain areas like garages and outbuildings (usually at Level 2) or home interior walls (Level 4) somewhere in the middle.


Professional Drywall Installation Services

It is easy to see the advantages of hiring a professional to hang your drywall.

We can save you enough time to make DIYers want to hire professionals. Our experience and tools allow us to complete the job faster than most amateurs. The job is not complete without learning the best ways to install drywall in your house or office. Our tools are custom-made to save you time and make your job easier.


Some people underestimate the importance of physicality in drywall installation. It takes a lot of strength to lift heavy sheets of drywall and keep them in place. Installation workers are constantly lifting heavy tools and climbing ladders.


The precision and skill required to install drywall is well worth the price of professional services. The screws must be inserted deep enough to “dent” the drywall sheet’s surface without damaging the paper. Although it may seem insignificant, this is vital for aesthetics. Your drywall can be damaged if the paper seal is broken.



While you can save money by hanging your own drywall, the quality of work performed by professionals is superior. Chicago Drywall Contractors guarantees smooth and beautiful interior walls that last years.

High-Quality Drywall

There are many options for drywall, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. But don’t worry! No worries! Our experts will gladly evaluate your home, take note of your requirements, and recommend the best type. We only use the best quality material, no matter what type of drywall you choose. There are many options for drywall that can be used in commercial and residential properties. These are just a few of the many types you have to choose from:


White Boardkelowna drywall

White drywall is a great choice if you’re looking for something durable and affordable. It’s economical and available in many sizes, with the thickest being 1 inch. This is the most popular option, especially for residential properties.

Green Board Drywall

Green board drywall is the best choice if your home is susceptible to dampness. It is water-resistant and can be used behind your tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement.

Blue Board Drywall


Blue board drywall gets its name from its blue paper backing. It’s also known as plaster baseboard or plaster drywall because it’s often used as a base layer for plaster finishes. Unlike regular drywall, blue board is resistant to water damage.

Drywall without paper

Paperless drywall is made from fiberglass, not paper. This means that it’s much more durable and can better protect your home against moisture and mold..

Purple Drywall

Purple drywall is a superior choice to the standard variety. It is suitable for ceilings and walls, and offers better mold and moisture protection.

Drywall Type X

Type X drywall, which is thicker than regular drywall, has a higher fire resistance. This drywall is best for apartments, garages, rooms and kitchens. It is made from special noncombustible fibers, and has a thickness of 5/8 inches. This makes it soundproof.

Soundproof Drywall


Soundproof drywall, as the name implies, is used to reduce noise transfer between different areas. It can be laminated with wood fibres and gypsum, as well as polymers. It is also more difficult to cut. It is ideal for basements, study rooms, or your in-house music room.

We can help you select the right drywall, but we will also make sure it is the best and safest possible to be installed in your home.

Why choose us?

Kelowna Drywall Service experts contractors and installers have always been passionate about our customers and their projects. We are proud to offer the highest quality services. These include