Drywall Taping

Taping Drywall Solutions

Kelowna Drywall Installation Pros offers expert services in drywall installations for homeowners, general contractors and custom builders in the Kelowna Area.

A well-trained, appropriately equipped staffKelowna Drywall

Every member of our team is highly skilled and prepared to offer expert services that exceed industry standards. We understand the importance of teamwork, which allows us to provide efficient drywall installation and taping services. We respect your timeframes but do not compromise on the quality of our services.

Our team is equipped with the best professional drywall tools to eliminate the possibility of your wires and pipes getting punctured.

Pay attention to detaildrywall taping

Our craftsmen are meticulous, precise, and accurate. Each step of the process is important to us. Our craftsmen are skilled in drywall taping and will ensure that your home is beautiful for many years to come.

Deliveries on Time: Commitment

Patching Drywall Walls

Kelowna Drywall Installation Pros understands the importance of planning and avoiding making mistakes that can delay timely delivery. We provide a high-quality product that is on time and within budget.

Drywall and Tapping Solutions

Room interior with drywall installed new house for the under construction

Kelowna Drywall Pros specializes in all aspects of drywall installations for residential and commercial buildings.

Design options are endless

Kelowna Drywall Pros can meet a variety of architectural requirements in residential and commercial buildings. We can create drywall panels that meet your specific design needs. We can produce drywall panels in any design you have, no matter how complex or detailed.

Built to Last

Kelowna Drywall Installation Pros has the product for you. We don’t compromise on the quality or cut corners in any aspect of our service delivery. We also use fire-rated panels, the most up-to-date products, and tools to simplify the cleaning process and reduce dust.

Professional Installation

The panels are installed by our professional installers who have an in-depth knowledge of the process. We are familiar with all aspects of drywall and tape solutions, including how to get rid of volatile organic compound (VOCs) in drywall. This material is both mold and water resistant.

Over the years, the sizes and types of drywall has changed. Kelowna Drywall Installation Pros are always on top of industry trends and innovations to ensure clients receive exceptional service.

We believe that we have the expertise, tools, and skills to complete any job, no matter how small or large, for residential or commercial buildings. Our professional team of installers are available to help you choose the right drywall solution for your budget and needs