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Kelowna Drywall Installation Pros is a reliable insulation company. We have provided the best services for our clients. Insulation is an essential part of any building project, whether it’s a house or office. Insulation material is essential for maintaining the temperature in your space. It is crucial to only hire the best for the job. Kelowna Drywall Installation Pros is a well-respected company that has been providing excellent services for insulation installation to a wide range of clients. Insulation should keep the interior temperature constant, regardless of whether it is hot or cold. It should not require the furnace or air conditioner to run continuously. It takes a lot of work to find the best insulation for your home and make sure it is properly installed. You can trust us with that task. Our clients have always been able to trust us. We only use the finest materials and make sure that only the best people are on the job.

We offer services

Different types of insulation are required for each room. It is crucial to make informed decisions. We encourage clients to ask questions, and go above and beyond to inform them about insulation. We keep our clients fully informed about everything, from the type of insulation used to the materials used. To ensure that the insulation is installed correctly, we have diversified our offerings.

Spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation, also known as spray polyurethane or spray foam insulation, is a popular choice. This insulation requires special knowledge and expertise in product and installation. The insulation is applied like a concentrated foam and then spread. The insulation solidifies to form a thick layer. Spray foam insulation can be used as both an air barrier and a vapor barrier. It is the most versatile foam sealant and insulator. Spray foam insulation is versatile and can be used in a wide range of rooms, including the main floor and cavities.

Insulation for the Attic

An attic that is well-insulated will help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home and energy efficiency. This makes your house more comfortable. We can provide the highest quality insulation for your attic, depending on your requirements. We will help you select the best attic insulation that not only maintains the temperature, but also controls moisture and ventilation.

Insulation Removal

To ensure everyone’s health and hygiene, we recommend insulation removal. We ensure that all insulation is properly removed to prevent any smoke, water, mold, or other contaminants from entering the space. We recommend that you remove any insulation that is inflammable or made from low-quality materials before installing a new one. After a thorough inspection of the area, we begin our removal process. We have a team that is efficient and will remove the insulation without leaving any residues or harmful substances. If necessary, we will recommend repairs before installing new insulation.

Insulation blown-in

Blown-in insulation, also known loose-fill insulation or cellulose insulation, is used mainly in attics. This insulation is available in two versions: the traditional and newer, more environmentally-friendly options. Both are made of safe but efficient materials. This insulation is the most effective and prevents air leakage, which helps to maintain your home’s temperature. This insulation is highly recommended for attics due to its R-value (a resistance measurement metric used in the industry). The insulation is covered by our trained staff. This insulation is more cost-effective and practical over the long-term. This insulation is safer for families with children because it is made from non-toxic and cleaner materials. Because of its superior thickness and fire resistance, we recommend blown in insulation.

Basement Insulation

Insulating your basement is as important as insulation the main floors and bedrooms. Insulating your basement is essential to prevent moisture and mold growth. Insulating the basement will also help to maintain the temperature, which can save you money on your hydro bill. Insulating your basement will not only increase its thermal efficiency, but it will also increase the property’s real estate value. Insulating your basement also improves soundproofing. Insulating your ceiling and walls is a smart investment if you plan on renting your basement. Carsie Solutions has years of experience providing professional basement insulation. We ensure that each basement receives the correct type and amount. To ensure the goal is achieved holistically, we not only install insulation but also clauk foundation walls.

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